What is involved in valuing Agricultural Land, Homestead Quarters or Feed Lot Operations?

Viewing the Property:

1) Understanding what you need in an appraisal.

2) Personally Viewing the parcels doing as little damage to your crops or disruption of your operation as possible. We use quads and snow mobiles to view properties in order to help with this.

3) If there are buildings, shelters, or feeding systems we go through and personally measure everything and ask questions of you to make sure we both understand what is going on.

4) Take Pictures so that we can reference what we are talking about.



1) Follow the Universal Standard of Appraisal Practice.

2) Be as clear as possible so that everyone involved understand the property.

3) Use the most up to date information when doing up the valuation.

4) Provide you with a professional bound report for your reference.