We know Rural Communities, and Acreages. That is our business.

We understand where you live, the desire for the small town life, and community spirit.  Rural Life is a lifestyle which we share.

Acreages come in all shapes and sizes and in rural and urban settings. Each one is different. It is important that your appraiser thoroughly knows acreage and residential properties to give you a proper value. We know acreages and residential in East Central Alberta because it is our specialty.

How do the banks see rural properties?

Each lenders criteria are different. The big 5 Banks use a Appraisal Management Company and order the appraisal for you. 

Acreage properties have a wide range of criteria depending on the lender you are using.

For Example standard mortgage:

TDCT will value house, garage and upto 5 acres

CIBC will value house, garage and  upto 10 acres

RBC will value house, garage and upto 15 acres

Scotia Bank will value house, garage and upto 5 acres

ATB will value house, garage and upto 160 acres with condition.

These are set by the specific lending institution and there irregardless of how may acres your property has or what other buildings are found on the site.

Management Companies


There are 4 Main Appraisal Management Companies in Canada:

Brookfield Residential


Nationwide Appraisal Serives

FNF Canada